International Cuisine

Whether you are inspired by the chefs of Italy, India, China or Japan, we have the ingredients you need to find new inspiration.

Some of our more exotic offerings:

  • Yuzu juice – Japanese citrus substitute for lemon or lime
  • Sambal Olek – raw chili paste for flavouring any Eastern dish
  • Srircha Hot Sauce – the Thai “rooster sauce”
  • Nori Sheets, Sushi Mats, Wasabi, Sticky Rice – make your own sushi
  • Tahini – make your own exotic dips
  • Tamarind – great in Pad Thai, stir-frys
  • Piri Piri – flavourful Portuguese hot sauce
  • Kombu Kelp – Makes for flavourful Miso soup, stews and salads
  • Oyster Sauce – an essential in southern Chinese cooking
  • Thai Fish Sauce – spice up Thai recipes (but watch out, it’s salty!)
  • Ketjap Manis – Indonesian sweet soy sauce

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